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and december where we had twice as much rainfall as we should have. we're still doing great. santa rosa, 117% normal. oakland, 103, and san jose, 104% of normal. we definitely need a few more storm systems in here throughout february so we can keep things looking just as great as they are right now. we have some colder weather developing in the north bay. mid-50s in the south bay, it's not too cold. let's take you outside to our live hd sky camera. there's that layer of haze. it's been there the last seven days. if you're sick of it, your allergies are sick of it. you've been coughing, your eyes watering. some much larger numbers that you will like by wednesday and thursday and you can even see some of the haze there in san francisco with the slight offshore wind today. a lot of sunshine for those of you that did have off for martin luther king day. now to the larger changes offshore. 500 to 600 miles we have our next storm system. it's very impressive looking, tapping into a lot of moisture. the center of low pressure, unfortunately, will miss us. so we're out of the zone of the heaviest ra
at this. 49 for your daytime high in livermore. 45 in los gatos. up to 53 and 55 in santa rosa. what does it look like? from the 40s back into the tri-valley, 36 in napa. reading in the low 40s but that particular one in the mid-30s, 45 currently in downtown san jose. let's get you outside to our live sky camera network on this very brisk monday evening and you can see visibility is pretty much unlimited. i don't remember the last time i saw the sky camera sparkle like that. let's bring you up into the north bay. that's where we'll have ice. some grace visibility up into san rafael. be careful when you are doing traveling. we have the freeze warning. to get back to my weather maps for the north bay, the east bay and the south bay yet again with widespread 30s and also isolated 20s. here is the problem. the jet stream is sitting in just about the same spot it was two to three days ago so all the cold air associated with it hasn't gone any are where. it's trapping a lot of the west coast with these below average temperatures that will continue the next 24 hours and as we mentioned some very
with temperatures that already slowly start ed ed warm up today with 55 in santa rosa. napa at 58. ten degrees warmer than your afternoon highs. 54 in los gatos. it is chilly out here. you'll need the jacket. in the south bay holding on to warmth here in san jose. santa teresa, temperatures now in the low 50s. let's get a look outside of our live hd sky camera network and we have the haze in the center of your screen. very clear we are storm free tonight. also up to the north in emeryville, we're noting clear conditions right back into san francisco. we have high pressure that's building aloft and that's going to keep us mild and also very sunny as we head throughout the next 48 hours. some poor air quality we're going to be dealing with as we continue throughout tomorrow. spare the air alert in the works, air quality in the north bay. the central bay and also back for the east bay. temperatures will go warmer with plenty of sunshine. low to mid-60s expected as we head throughout the afternoon on thursday. as we also heard, the mavericks will get kicked off. those waves will build to 15 to 20
'll have 28 in santa rosa. best chance of frost there. 29 in napa. 40 in oakland. 34 in los gatos. 36 in san jose. and also 30 in livermore. even for folks in the east bay, you'll likely have patchy frost. throughout wednesday a lot of sunshine throughout the afternoon. it will be hazy. spare the air day in effect. we'll likely pop up to near 60 here in san jose. 61 in fremont. 58 in castro valley. 55 in danville. 57 in livermore and 55 in pleasanton and for san francisco 60 for you. 61 in santa rosa. 56 expected in half moon bay. dry throughout wednesday, thursday and also on friday. there's 64 degrees. that's warmer. then as we head throughout saturday, here we go. there's your 66. a lot warmer there as we head throughout the weekend and look at that on sunday. it's like a spreadsheet here. we manage to squeeze in that weather for the 49ers in atlanta. 49ers. atl. otherwise known as atlanta. 50s and sunny. that was better than a twitter feed there. how can i fit the weather in two lines. i did it. less than 120 characters. >> thank you, jeff. >>> speaking of 49ers, let's get to spor
60s up into santa rosa. 68 in san rafael and some of the warmest weather, i know you can feel the sizzle on the maps in the south bay, 72 in santa cruz. warmest by the coastline. the offshore winds, down sloping heating popping up to our warmest temperature. 67 in santa teresa and cooler to the east bay. let's get you outside to our sky camera network tonight and you'll see the haze being the poor air quality. another spare the day as we head into the first part of your weekend. it is also clear in san francisco right now. we'll add some hazy skies as we head throughout saturday. it's going to be incredible, though, as we look ahead to the next couple of days. we do have some 40s in the north bay. patchy frost and patchy fog 0 likely as we head into tomorrow morning. it's going to be another cold start for the north bay but overall this weekend, it'll be mild and above average by about five to ten degrees with mainly 60s and a few isolated 70s coming our way but poor air quality is also going to be in the mix. the worst up into the north and also for the central bay with that
in the north bay, downright cold, 27 in santa rosa. 29 in concord. 29 in limp, as well. up against -- in livermore, as well. up against the coast, 46 in san francisco. tomorrow we're expecting another bright day, temperatures not as warm, but definitely comfortable. 63 in san francisco. 65 in san jose. 65, as well, in walnut creek. of course, we are rooting on our 49ers. here's your official 49ers forecast for atlanta. you'll notice by 11:005 -- 11:00, 55 degrees. by the afternoon, atlanta topping out in the 60s tomorrow. a little taste of the bay area across georgia for you. here at home, again the big news tomorrow, the mavericks, first round kicks off at 8:00 tomorrow morning. we'll be streaming it live on nbc bay area. again, the high surf advisory in effect. temperatures will be warm and comfortable at the coast. mid to upper 60s for many of us. now for the seven-day forecast, warm air for tomorrow even for martin luther king jr. day, we remain bright and warm. tuesday, a few more clouds drift in. a system to our north will bring a few showers to the north for wednesday. not l
. 64 in santa rosa. the first two days of the week will be the warmest days. then come wednesday, a few extra clouds. at least the mornings not quite as cold. we could see a few showers, especially for the north bay. thursday and friday look dry. unfortunately for your weekend plans, looks like next weekend will be the best bet of seeing rain and some fresh snow. it has been a little while. we've been in the mid-winter dry spells. >> time for some rain. thank you, rob. >>> we focus on the 49ers fans celebrating in the city. but there were fans watching throughout the bay area. here's a celebration in san jose. >> the niners came back from being down. niners fans are so ready. >> bedlam, i say. more on the 49ers' trip to the super bowl coming up. and interviews during the 11:00 newscast. more from the locker room in just a couple of minutes. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some f
valley. for tomorrow, it is going to be warmer, as well with mid 60s in santa rosa. 64 in san rafael. 67 in san jose. you can almost feel the heat on that map down into santa cruz with 69 degrees. you know when it's warmer here than it is for the interior valleys you've got an offshore wind event setting up. that's why the coast will be warmer than some of the interior valleys for tomorrow. 3 day forecast sunny and hazy the next couple days. air quality probably not bet they are weekend. to be a good next couple days.ng you may feel like you're sick but it could be that air quality. i'm no doctor but that's what some of the signs point to. monday, tuesday and wednesday, a little bit of cloud cover. no rain drops in the seven-day forecast. we're pushing that back till maybe next weekend. we'll have to see about this one. maybe we'll get a picture from jess at the concert. you never know. >> having a great time. >> she'll be dancing away. >> thanks, jeff. >> let's get to sports jim kozimor is here. look who i'm sitting next to, the expert of the 49ers. >> yeah, i'm so embarrassed by our pi
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